Kooyeh is a nine piece Reggae/Soul/Dub band based in Melbourne.

Originally from the Blue Mountains in NSW, Kooyeh have spent the past 2 years refining and honing their sound, to come up with a style that is forever moving forward, yet looks over its shoulder to respectfully wink at the past.

Featuring four vocalists, a horn section and a skankalicious riddim section, the Kooyeh massive deliver a high energy show steeped in heavyweight reggae riddims and funky soul that keep the dancefloor buzzing as the spotlight sweeps between each of the singers, the riffing horn players, funky organ, bluesy guitar and of course, bass heavy one drop.

So come one down every second Thursday for a damn fine time, with a damn fine band who just spread the love with some reeeaal groovy tunes.

Visit Kooyeh here.